How Homeshare works

Finding the right person to share a home with

We match someone who needs a little help to stay living independently in their own home, with someone needing somewhere afforable to live.

In return for low cost accommodation, the Homesharer provides at least 10 hours of support a week to the Householder. This is not becoming a personal carer, but more about a little help around the house.

Examples of support



Why use Homeshare Mendip?
Ongoing support!

We support Householders to identify the help they need. We support Homesharers to understand the help they can offer.

We provide ongoing support and help you review how well the Homeshare agreement is meeting your needs. Needs often change, so we are on hand to ensure that your support plan is flexible.

In these times, Homeshare is needed now more than ever. We match people safely, and have secure Covid practices. These include isolating before moving in together.

What we offer

  • Safeguarding Checks and Screening
    We take the time to know you both so that you can feel relaxed. We take safeguarding very seriously and do thorough risk assessments, enhanced DBS vetting and personal referencing before we consider making introductions.

  • Meetings and Agreement
    We arrange meetings with your chosen potential person. We take care to match skills with needs. We work with you to create an agreement that shows clearly what both parties can expect.
  • Householder Support Plan
    We also support the Householder to create a self-directed support plan, which identifies the support needed to enable you to continue to live independently.
  • Mediation Services and Stop Gap Care
    If any problems arise, we are here to support and mediate if needed. We also rematch people if needed. We will work with the Householder to find stop gap care if the Homesharer gives notice.

How to take part

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