Supporting you every step of the way

Many of us will struggle at some point in our life to stay in our community due to lack of support or money.

You might not have many friends or family nearby to help with every day tasks. You might struggle to find affordable accommodation to call your home.

Homeshare Mendip connects Householders who have a spare room, with people who need an affordable place to call home. A shared home where you will have someone to chat to, share experiences with and get support from.

Let us help you to find the right person to share a home and companionship with.

Why we exist

We believe that everybody is entitled to choose and have control over how they live their lives.

We believe that everybody should have access to affordable housing in their own community.

We believe everyone is lonely at some point in their lives, and that we should all be able to share our lives and homes with others we connect with.

How we achieve our why

Our Homeshare Matching Service, based on safe practices and friendship:

  • Enables you to share a home for companionship
  • Share experiences to beat loneliness
  • Is a potential solution to the housing crisis

What we provide for you

Our Homeshare Matching Service matches people to share a home:

  • Helps you stay independently in your own home for longer
  • Provides affordable accommodation to call home, at a time of record housing shortages and high rent
  • Combats loneliness and isolation

Our team

Homeshare Mendip was started by Fair Housing for Frome in 2021. Our team works in partnership with Mendip Health Connectors to identify people who want to live in their own home but, for one reason or another are finding it difficult. We also work with anyone not connected to Mendip Health Connectors, but who are interested in Homeshare.

Vince Tillman
Vince TillmanMatch Coordinator
Hi, I’m Vince and I’m excited to say that I’m a part of Homeshare Mendip. Having worked in many aspects of care in the community for some 18 years and counting I have provided direct support, been an advocate, mentor, coach and independent living creator and a few things in between.

Yet the magic has always been around people, me helping yet always learning, one could say empowering someone is a two way street.

My career in social care has provided me with the knowledge, experience and insight to bring together the vision of Homeshare Mendip.

Homeshare goes beyond just an agreement for two people to live together. It helps to build bridges between generations and enables people to stay young at heart. I want to be part of that bridge building.

As for me, talk to me about art, music and guitars and you will find a smile on my face. I enjoy finding a way to ruin food, I call it cooking,

Anna Karlsson
Anna KarlssonComms
Hi, I am Anna. I make sure the website works. I also look after other communication material here at Homeshare Mendip. If you have any comments about the website, you can always contact me through our contact page.

Over the last 15 years I've created stories, websites and other material to make sure people like you get the information you need. I've worked with several large and small organisations in the UK, Europe, India and China. I have recently worked with some local Somerset businesses, including Lungi Babas (food), Fingal (clothes) and Niina Kuosmanen (artist).

Based in Somerset, I spend my time with my child, partner, cat and friends. I am a cyclist and lover of chocolate. I'm passionate about supporting thriving communities that work for nature and people.

I look forward to helping to create connections to combat loneliness, increase access to affordable accommodation, and enabling people to have more control over how they live their lives.

Bill Palmer
Bill PalmerChair
I was a founder of Fair Housing for Frome in 2015 and was its first chair.
One of the main contributors to the housing crisis has been the way in which housing is now seen as a profitable commodity rather than a social necessity.
Therefore, my passion in Frome has been to encourage sharing and supporting the creation of community . Homeshare seems to tick all those boxes and in the same vein, I was co-founder of Elderventure, an organisation that helps people to maintain their self-value as they grow older and which facilitates intergenerational projects.
Andy Jones
Andy JonesTreasurer
As well as Director and Treasurer of Homshare Mendip, I am also Chair of Fair Housing for Frome.

Having moved to Frome a couple of years ago I feel strongly that I should give something back to my newly adopted town and I see Fair Housing for Frome as an organisation that can really make a difference.

I’ve experienced many different types of accommodation around the country, and watched in sadness as council homes were sold off in the past years. I’m enjoying working with Fair Housing for Frome to try and ensure that the town works towards a sustainable model that provides secure and affordable homes for all.