A shared home and companionship

Matching those with housing needs and a few hours to spare, with those who need a little help to stay in their own home.

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COVID update: We have processes to help manage the potential risk of Covid. We follow guidance from the Homeshare UK network. Our process includes isolation before moving in. Need more info? Just get in touch.
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The Homeshare Experience.


For the Householder

Loneliness is a hidden issue around the UK. Frome and Mendip are no exception.

Homeshare Mendip supports you to get a little extra help around the house along with companionship. With this arrangement there is the opportunity to share your knowledge and passions in life and learn new things.

Independent living can come to be a struggle and its impact can reach further than just your immediate situation. For instance family and friends may see your needs grow, yet may not live close enough to provide the help they would like to,

Homeshare Mendip helps to ease those concerns and indeed help you stay independent and in your own home for longer.

For the Sharer

Finding affordable accommodation is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if you want to stay close to your community, work, family and friends.

Homesharing makes it easier, and much more affordable than commercial renting as long as you are willing to put some hours a week into helping around the house and providing companionship to the householder.

Companionship works both ways, the sharing of knowledge, hobbies and mutual interests make this more than just somewhere to live

There is no one type of home sharer, young, not so young, public service worker or someone separating from the family home are just a few examples of a home sharer.

Affordability is key here. The cost is significantly lower than normal renting or lodging.

And Homeshare Mendip matching service helps you to find a household in which you feel comfortable and at home.


What makes Homeshare so special?

It’s all about companionship and support.

On a practical level Homeshare has given me a safe place to come home to while being able to save money. But this comes second to coming home from work every day knowing that I’ll get to laugh and gossip about my day over a coffee with Sheila.

Beth, Homesharer, Novus Homeshare

It gets a bit boring living entirely on your own.  I wanted a bit more companionship around the home. Some assistance if something happened to me, if I got poorly, I thought it would be nice to have someone to help and it’s nice to know that I’ve got someone here.

Mike, Householder, Homeshare Gloucestershire

Mum is able to get the company and support that she needs and that is hugely reassuring for me.  Knowing that Mum is in safe and secure at home now, I was recently able to go away and was really touched that Mum was able to send me a birthday video message, with help from her Sharer.

Daughter of Householder, Homeshare Oxford

Our team knows how to find the right person for you to share a home with

We support you every step of the way.

  • Finding the right person for you
  • Getting the right and safe agreement in place
  • Ongoing support after you’ve started sharing a home

Year on year Homeshare UK, the UK network for Homeshare, are seeing a steady rise in the number of Homeshare matches. Currently over 1,000 people are sharing homes through Homeshare schemes in the UK.

Find out more about how Homeshare could help you find the right person to share a home with.

How Homeshare works